X-Crutch Underarm Crutches


X-Crutch Underarm Crutches



The X-crutch is the most advanced underarm crutch with the easy-to-use length memory function, so you don’t have to adjust it every time. Simply pull the top and bottom portion and it is ready to use with the correct length you preset. Unlike normal crutches, please find out how X-crutch can assist the user more from seating position to moving position. It is not only stylish, compact and user friendly; in fact it can even help to improve health by using it for daily exercise.

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X-crutch is the latest technology in crutch-assisted movement. We believe it is a more thoughtful approach for people who rely on underarm crutches. We want our users to feel empowered when they use the X-crutch, and in turn, change the perception and stigma of crutches.

  • It can be collapsed to it’s minimal length and extend to your preset desired length in just a second.
  • The length can be adjusted base on individual’s leg and arm length for the best posture and comfort.
  • It supports the user to get up from seating position before it is opened to the desired .
  • Pull out the top and bottom portion to the preset desired length instantly and it is ready for use.
  • The durable anti-slip rubber foot provides better stability and bigger range of movement during usage.
  • It’s unique design and mechanism allows user to go up-and-down the stair case easier with proper support.
  • Easily hang on to any table, chairs or just let it stand by itself on it’s rubber foot.
  • It can be used to exercise the top portion of body daily. (Follow our video example).
  • Made from high grade aircraft quality aluminium alloy, weighs less than 1kg (2 lbs) and able support user weight up to 125kg each side. each and comes in a pair.
  • It is suitable for user up to 185cm (6’1”), and it stows away to 2’5” length only.

Price indicated is for a pair of X-crutches.

Please see our videos for workout possibilities with the X-crutch!