Footrest Extension (PW-999UL)

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Footrest Extension (PW-999UL)


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For those who love the PW-999UL Foldawheel, but want to stretch out a little bit more, here comes the solution. This is an easy detachable footrest extension that you can take it off or put it on within 3 seconds. Just install our specially designed clamps on the existing footrest, and then hook the footrest extension onto the clamps whenever needed. Take it off easily when you need to stow away the PW-999UL Foldawheel. Highly recommended for users with knee issues such as rigidity, or taller users.

(If you order this Footrest Extension together with the Foldawheel PW-999UL, we will pack it inside the carton box of PW-999UL.)