Draco (Power Standing Wheelchair)


Draco (Power Standing Wheelchair)


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Draco standing wheelchair is the best power standing wheelchair that equips with full function capability allows you to move, stand, sit, recline and lie down in safe and comfortable positions. The footrest, armrest and backrest move in a coordinated way simultaneously, so user will not feel the muscle pull when changing from standing-sit-lie down position.

With Draco, you can minimise the risk and effort of transferring user during day time as user can take a nap in lie-down position.
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Draco Standing Wheelchair

  • Fully powered for lie down, stand, sit and recline positions.
  • Maximum speed up to 8 km/hr (5 miles/hr).
  • Travels up to 30 km (18.5 miles) with a full charge.
  • Equipped with Dynamic LED graphic display Controller (DX2) for precise user control.
  • Adjusts speed automatically during standing position for safety.
  • 8 wheels to provide excellent stability especially during standing and lie down position.
  • Motorized wheels locate in the center to ensure tight turning radius of 66 cm (30″).
  • Energy saving LED lights for night out.
  • Adjustable headrest for extra comfort.
  • H-shaped safety harness.
  • Spring suspensions for extra comfort over rough terrains.
  • Angle adjustable footrest to allow standing posture in different stages.
  • Adjustable leg length and seat depth to fit users with different leg length.


Seat Width Choices 14″/ 16″/ 18″ (35cm/ 40cm/ 46cm)
Seat Depth (Adjustable) 14″ 16″/ 17″/ 18″ (40cm/ 43cm/ 46cm)
Seat Depth (Adjustable) 16″/ 18″ 18″/ 19″/ 20″ (46cm/ 48cm/ 51cm)
Backrest Height 64cm (25.2″)
Total Weight 14″/ 16″/ 18″ 129kg/ 132kg/ 135kg (284.5lb/ 291lb/ 298lb)
Open Size 14″ (L x W x H) 118 x 65 x 108cm (46″ x 25.5″ x 42.5″)
Open Size 16″ (L x W x H) 118 x 70 x 108cm (46″ x 28″ x 42.5″)
Open size 18″ (L x W x H) 118 x 75 x 108cm (46″ x 30″ x 42.5″)
Footrest to Seat Length (Adjustable) 45 ~ 58cm (17.7″ ~23″)
Motor DC24V, 320W
Battery 12V36Ah X 2pcs
Packing Size 14″ &16″ (L x W x H) 110 x 67 x 82cm (43″ x 26″ x 32″)
Packing Size 18″ (L x W x H) 110 x 71 x 82cm (43″ x 28″ x 32″)
Front Wheel 9.5″
Mid Wheel 13″
Rear Wheel 3″
Slope Limitation 10˚
Curb Limitation 5cm (2″)
Ground clearance 5cm (2″)

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