Active Series

  • ATTO (Best Ever Folding Mobility Scooter)

    See the world – and be seen – with ATTO, the smartest high-performance mobility scooter on the market.
    While the compact folded unit splits in two for easier transport, ATTO comes together to form a robust
    full-sized vehicle with the best balance and use of space.

    ATTO’s beauty is in the details, with standard features like a built-in USB charging port, deck storage and adjustable seat heights.
    It can also be cus
    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Mountain Trike – All Terrain Trike

    The Mountain Trike is our flagship Trike – all-terrain, self-propelled, sleek, versatile and available in any colour.
    This is the ideal Trike for your outdoor every day use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park and for the more adventurous, it has even been known to climb the odd mountain or two! The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain.
    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Terrain Master X8

    • The only Stair Climbing Power Wheelchair in the world that can climb steps as high as 20cm (8″) & operates to steps angle up to 35°.
    • 8 separate movement tractor belts enable 8 point secure grips while climbing stairs.
    • Raisable seat height for interacting with others at higher level. Seat can be lowered for easier transfer.
    • Seat angle is automatically adjusted on uneven surface to maintain your body in an upright position.

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Yoga – Foldable Mobility Scooter

    Yoga – Foldable Mobility Scooter

    • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes it extremely light weight 26kg (57 lbs) and durable.
    • Foldable to very compact size for convenient carry and storage.
    • Durable and lightweight Li-ion battery pack and efficient motor enables longer driving range up to 17 km (10.5 miles)
    • Patented twin-front-wheels with spring suspension system offers excellent stability during turns and uneven surface.
    • Compare to other similar products, Yoga is easier to steer and control, more reasonable price and higher quality.

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.


  • PW-4x4Q Stair Climbing Wheelchair

    This is the latest version of PW-4x4Q with (Li-ion Battery), (Power tilt-in-space function) and (The 5th wheel to enable 3 wheels driving mode for power saving mode). If you want to go anywhere without limitation and maximize independence, this all terrain PW-4X4Q is definitely the best Stair Climbing Wheelchair that you can find in the market. It is a 4-wheel drive with powerful motors for stair climbing capabilities. We have add in new features to our new 2016 deluxe version.

    • Li-ion Batteries (So it is much more durable)
    • Power tilt-in-space seat for more comfort.
    • Added the 5th wheel for electric saving mode (able to operate based on the 2 front wheels and this 5th wheel at the rear sides).

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

    Please note: We will take about 20-30 days to prepare the PW-4X4Q Stair Climber upon order confirmation, depends on the existing order and parts on hand. Our standard production of this Stair Climbing Wheelchair is 18″ Blue+black seat. But 16″ or 20″ seat is available too.